Fysh and Melky Recruitment Quality and Best Practice

We take a holistic and positive approach to Recruitment – providing a clear 5-step process for attracting the best talent on the market. Our team of seasoned Recruitment consultants offer strategic insights and practical solutions for your talent acquisition and recruitment engagement strategy

We recognize the importance of continuous learning and professional growth. Our approach to talent management is through performing personality and strength-based assessments to profile the competencies and leadership capabilities of talent. By assessing the specific competencies of each person, we can provide data to identify career coaching opportunities to start conversations for talent management and career goal planning to build a culture of learning that drives individual and organizational growth.

Our Values

Fysh and Melky Recruitment


Our problem-solving approach is based on positivity and growth which leads to creativity, excellence and solutions for our clients and team members.

Fysh and Melky Recruitment


We believe in open, transparent and honest lines of communication across all levels of business

Fysh and Melky Recruitment


We recognise, value and support all stakeholders, from individual to business to community

Fysh and Melky Recruitment


We take full responsibility for all our actions.

Fysh and Melky Recruitment


We are open, friendly and embrace diversity. This encourages and values belonging and inclusivity

Fysh and Melky Recruitment


We seek to understand all stakeholders’ points of view and objectives.

Our recruitment Team

Christina Melky

Director Business Development
Bachelor in Political and Administrative Science

Rachael Fysh

Director of Organisation Development
Masters in Strategic Organisation Development

Samina Price

Senior Consultant

Candidate Care Manager

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